We spend 25-35% of our lives sleeping and the quality of that time has a significant impact on the quality of the other 65-75%. We all know this from experience but how much thought and effort do we put into improving our sleep quality?

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

The best way to improve something is to start measuring it. Enter the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach. I have been using this for the last 2 months and it has definitely helped me understand how I can improve my sleep.

As a night person, it’s tough for me to get to sleep before 2am but the Zeo has helped me realize the benefits of a consistent sleep and wake up time. They also have a sleep coaching option that analyzes your sleep stats and walks you through a number of steps to improve your sleep.

Sleep Environment

There are many ways to improve the environment you sleep in and the Zeo website covers this in great detail but here are a few that I would recommend you consider:

  • Your Bed. Isn’t it crazy that we spend tens of thousands of dollars for a car that we typically spend less than 2 hours a day in but we rarely splurge on a comfortable bed that we spend 6-10 hours a day in? A good quality bed with comfortable sheets can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep.
  • Temperature. Temperature makes a difference as well. I noticed I was waking up from being too hot about 30 minutes before my alarm and realized it was because I had set the thermostat to warm up the house at that time. By resetting it to the same time I wake up, I no longer wake up early from being uncomfortable.
  • Noise. Are you woken up frequently by noises? This isn’t always easy to eliminate but it’s definitely worth trying. Perhaps running a fan or some kind of steady noise to drown out outside noises. Or maybe try ear plugs if they’re not too uncomfortable.

How about you? Do you invest any time and resources to improve the quality of your sleep? It’s 1:35am as I type this so I’m going to sleep now!

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